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Take Your Nude Dress Everywhere

I used to not like the color nude as a blonde because I thought that it washed me out. After seeing some celebrities wear nude dresses I thought that maybe I could pull it off. Even after having the first child.

There’s something about the neutrals that are so intriguing. The neutrals are so simple, but they go with everything and if worn correctly you can actually stand out in them. I started off buying nude pumps. I fell in love with them. I wore them with EVERYTHING. Skinnies, dresses, rompers, skirts etc. Its so easy to work with nude. There’s also that new trend of normcore. Random fact, “normcore” was recently added to Webster’s Dictionary this year. Normcore: wearing average looking clothing or wearing something that blends. I loved when Kim Kardashian wore her all nude skirt and crop top and heels:


This outfit is so simple, but it looks incredible. I also like that Kim is so confident in wearing nude. Nude clothes are often very revealing. Seeing a curvy woman wear this tighter nude skirt gives me the confidence to find a skirt similar to this. I also love that you can find nude in so many shades. Take a look at all these celebrities wearing a variety of nude dresses:

Who knew there were so many shades of nude! My other concern about nude was pulling the color off as a blonde. Most of the women pictured above are brunettes. However, after seeing more nude dresses on blondes I was finally persuaded to buy a nude dress. For example, Kate Bosworth pull’s off this cute nude dress beautifully:


This dress is so cute and looks amazing with her beige skin tone and light hair. There are so many ways to wear a nude dress that its hard not to be convinced to purchase one. I finally got a dress that was similar to the one Kate Bosworth wore. ¬†Here’s the link.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 12.37.49 PM

I found this dress on NastyGal. I is definitely different than Bosworth’s dress, but it has a similar nude shade, and the stripes on the dress are a similar design. I love this one from NastyGal because its sexy with the sheer lining on it and the orange lines add something extra to the whole look. This is a unique nude dress I could see myself wearing. I found some other great picks on Resultly. As I was browsing the internet it was a little difficult to find nude dresses, surprisingly. Resultly makes it super easy to find a bunch of cute nude dresses on one page. Take a look at this beautiful nude dress I found on the site:

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 12.44.56 PM

I found this particular dress on Resultly, but when I clicked on the image it took me straight to BEBE to buy it. This is a more classic nude dress, but its still a little short. Out of the dresses I found I went up getting the NastyGal dress. I love having something unique, and I don’t think anyone will be wearing a dress similar to the nude dress with orange stripes.