How to Wear Sequin Pants for Every Occasion

Not only are sequin pants perfect for New Years Eve they’re perfect for any and every occasion! I remember the first time I saw a someone wearing them and I thought those definitely aren’t me. Yet, after I tried them on I was convinced that every girl needed a pair. So, you’re probably wondering how the heck do I wear these pants and with what?

Night Out:

The first pair I bought were gold and from Free People. This is where I started to get a feel for how I should be styling them. The first time I wore them was to a roof-top bar party for my friend’s birthday party. I paired the pants with a white v-neck, dangly necklaces, a black blazer, and subtle black and gold heels. What I loved most about these pants is not only are they super chic but also super comfy.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 12.41.34 PM


These pants are great for an everyday look whether you’re going shopping or just hanging out with friends. A really great place to look is  Nasty Gal, where you can find different colors and styles. To get that comfy yet chic look pair your pants with a striped top, a basic neutral top, or an oversized cardigan/sweater. This way the top and bottom balance each other out.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 12.42.32 PM

That Work Life:

This one’s a tough one because depending on your industry you don’t want to go too crazy with the pants. However if you’re in the fashion, media industries these will work out perfectly! If you go for a silver pair, go for a subtle gray top and a white blazer for a professional, chic look. Or you can even try a pair of black pants with a gray plaid button-down and a white blazer to tie it all together. All your co-workers will be wondering where you got those awesome pants. You can just get them here.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 12.45.20 PM

These pants are ideal for any occasion and can be styled a variety of ways. I remember the time I wore them for the first time. My one guy friend came up to me and asked if I was trying to be like Lady Gaga with my pants. Of course I shot back and said “who wouldn’t want to be Lady Gaga?” So even more reason to love my pants. Ever since that roof-top bar party I have worn my pants on dates, going out with the girls, work, the mall, and hanging out with the family.  No matter what you can either dress them up or dress them down for a more casual, chic look. Let’s not forget New Year’s! It’s so cold out, who wants to wear a short dress with tights and heels? Certainly, not me. Most of my girl friends wear those short bodycon dresses with tights and heels and are always freezing when we run from bar to bar.  I would much rather wear my super chic and super comfy, sequin pants.