Fuchsia dress for a confident mom

Fuchsia dress, how crazy is that? I can bet for the majority of women it is not the “go to” color when it comes to shopping. However, it is one of my favorite colors in the world! I find it very appropriate for a confident fashionable mom.

There are so many girls who are afraid of something like Fuchsia dress for no reason. I agree, it is not like black dress which you can wear from the morning till night, but if one think about the perfect place and occasion when it is a good idea for this type of dress, I am pretty sure women would change their minds.

I have only one Fuchsia dress which I bought a couple of months ago from Resultly. I wore it at least five times already and can not wait for my next time.

Some girls think that the only shoes they can wear this dress with is black heels, but it is a big mistake! Just like on that image above , one can wear anything from nude to green easily. I love to wear my dress with nude shoes or light blue. It depends on where I am going.

In my opinion, for a day look nude shoes probably would work the best;however if it is some special event , I would totally wear some color.

When it comes to a date night or any other event after dark, the black high heels can be a safe pick. I remember  the first time I wore this dress to a night out with my lovely girlfriends to a night club. It was one of the girls birthday party and i almost regret that picked this outfit because all attention was on me and my dress and not on a birthday girl.

The second time was very memorable as well, I wore it to my first day with one guy I met at work and he was shocked to see me not in a pencil skirt and boring blouse. See? This dress is the perfect opportunity to make people see you and love you even more!

If you ask me for jewelry tips, I have only one. Please, please do not wear too much of it. The dress itself is already a bomb and you do not want to look cheap. Maybe some little necklace, does not matter gold or silver and a ring. Trust me it will be more than enough. Also, there is no way for a pink clutch! Do not do it neither. The black or gold clutch will be your best choice for Fuchsia dress.