my chiffon maxi skirt

Chiffon Maxi Skirt for the Winter

It is about that time of year wear certain pieces of clothing are absolutely out of the question for some cities, such as Denver. But, if you live or are visiting certain places such as LA or Houston, you can continue with some summer trends. Take the maxi skirt, for example. Just pair it with a pair of slip-ons or closed-toed wedges and a long sleeve tee. This way the outfit is giving enough of a fall/winter vibe, but you can still have more flexibilities than those colder cities. Want to change up from your old summer maxi? Try the chiffon maxi skirt.

One of my new favorite maxis are the chiffon style maxi. The sheer chiffon material gives off a more elegant look than the solid colored or striped maxis. I guess for me the reason I associate the chiffon maxi as more elegant is because I associate it with a formal dress. Most formal dresses that you would wear to a formal event, such as Prom, or a wedding are made up of some sort of chiffon material. Here’s a picture of one of my favorite chiffon skirts:


I took this picture when I was visiting my sister in Nashville this past fall. Granted, this outfit would be too light to wear there now, but there are other places that are still warm this time of year!

I also love how the chiffon material moves in the wind. It blends so well together and against itself when it moves around. Take a look at this beautiful navy blue chiffon maxi skirt I found on Saks Fifth Ave:

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 3.04.09 PM

The navy blue chiffon material is a little see-through which adds so much to the depth of the skirt.  The high-slit cut on the thigh makes this maxi even more interesting and sexy. Don’t worry this comes with shorts! Strangely though, even though this maxi skirt has a semi-sheer material and the high-cut slit, it comes off elegantly and presentable. Maybe it wouldn’t be appropriate to wear this skirt to a wedding or school presentation, its perfect for a day off or when paired with some heels and jewelry you can wear it for a night out.

Here’s a similar chiffon maxi skirt with a high slit:

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 3.11.45 PM

This one has a slit on the side thigh instead of the front. Also, the sheerness seems to be more see-through than the Haute Hippie skirt above. This was starting to become very popular in the summer among the fashion designers, such as this BCBG skirt. Instead of having a semi-sheer material, many designers were making the material bluntly see-through. This design brings a different element to the maxi. This BCBG style skirt is synonymous to wearing a short skirt only with long sheer fabric covering the rest of your legs. In essence this sheer maxi skrit is the same as dressing in a short skirt. BUT it is appropriate because the sheer material does make a difference. Its kind of like the whole concept of wearing shorts or a skirt in Chicago in the winter- if you pair them with sheer tights and a taxi ride you’re still ok! If you’re looking for more chiffon maxi skirt styles take a look at what I found here!