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Channeling my Inner T-Swift in my Denim Dress

Every time I see  denim dresses I automatically think of summer, the warm sun shining on your face and that occasional breeze. Not only does it remind me of summer but it makes me think of him and his red pickup truck. Last summer we spent every day together from morning till night. My family and I have a vacation house in Lake Geneva and last year we decided to spend the entire summer there. Once the summer ended I would be heading to New York City for college. The day we met was like something out of The Notebook.

Before heading to the annual Lake Geneva Fair, I threw on this dress that I bought off of my go-to shopping app, Resultly here. They had a ton of different ones in all these styles, lengths, patterns, and colors. It was a light blue color with white polka dots all across it. It had the cutest neckline and it fell just above the knee. I knew I would be wearing this dress all summer long. I ended up wearing it to the fair and that’s when I met him. He had this country look about him, sandy blonde hair and light brown eyes. When we met it was like this instant connection. I remember him telling me how much he liked my dress.

We exchanged numbers and that was the beginning of it all. We had planned to go on our first date and I knew I wanted to wear a dress similar to what I wore on the day we met. My sister and I went to the nearby Maurices where I found the one. It was a simple light-wash, with a tie-waist dress. I paired it with my light brown cowboy boots and a simple necklace. I knew I wanted to do something different, make myself stand out and to feel more confident.

Drew picked me up in his red Ford pickup truck and we went to this little café that had outdoor seating right on the lake. It was such a beautiful night. After dinner we walked along the beach, just talking and laughing. Drew walked me to the front door, giving me a light kiss on my cheek. The next day and all of the summer days to follow we spent them together.

One late afternoon Drew wanted to do something different, something special. So he picked me up at the usual time and he drove us to this secluded park with a little lake. I wore this dress from Target. I really wanted to go for a more girly and chic look. So I paired it with a pair of gold gladiator sandals and I wore my favorite summer floppy hat. When we got there Drew had this picnic basket and a picnic blanket. As he was putting together our little picnic, I couldn’t help but think what an amazing guy Drew is.

denim dresses