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denim dress

Channeling my Inner T-Swift in my Denim Dress

Every time I see  denim dresses I automatically think of summer, the warm sun shining on your face and that occasional breeze. Not only does it remind me of summer but it makes me think of him and his red pickup truck. Last summer we spent every day together from morning till night. My family…


Fuchsia dress for a confident mom

Fuchsia dress, how crazy is that? I can bet for the majority of women it is not the “go to” color when it comes to shopping. However, it is one of my favorite colors in the world! I find it very appropriate for a confident fashionable mom. There are so many girls who are afraid of something…

nude dress

Take Your Nude Dress Everywhere

I used to not like the color nude as a blonde because I thought that it washed me out. After seeing some celebrities wear nude dresses I thought that maybe I could pull it off. Even after having the first child. There’s something about the neutrals that are so intriguing. The neutrals are so simple, but…