flared skirt

Blue Suede Shoes and a Flared Skirt

Me and you just looking at her in her blue suede shoes! Ok, I don’t know, nor do I think, those are the real words, but they work for me because I’m excited to announce, I bought my first flared skirt.

If you’re a bit confused as to why this is exciting news, I’ve got your back. When you’ve skipped a few years going out, taking care of a toddler, getting dressed up seems like a bigger accomplishment. I don’t know why we thought in college that dresses would make us look like we were trying so much harder than a skirt did, but for some reason we were all about the skirt life. And when I say skirt, I mean high waisted tight skirt with a top tucked in. Yeah, looking back, we may have looked a tad trashy.

With boots, heels went way too far for our small college town. While I have many regrettable nights wearing one of these fabulous outfits, I am also incredibly happy that a new skirt has risen on the playing field of going out outfits, the flared skirt.

flared skirt flared skirt

flared skirtflared skirt


All four of these options provide super cute inspiration for how to rock this look. BTW, all these flared skirts can be found here. As you can see, the top left and bottom right are both fit and flare skirts, and the top right and bottom left flare straight out from the waist. Both styles are super cute and super flattering. There are so many ways to wear this that you can pull off any style that you’re going for, whether it’s cute, hot, sexy, chic, or bad a**. Your options are limitless! I’ve never been a huge lipstick kind of girl, but the more i’m experimenting with different shades the more adventurous I’m becoming and the more I’m loving it. If you look at the bottom right, she’s wearing a super vibrant purple, not a typical shade yet perfect for any season, like this one from Etsy. And it looks especially good when you wear it with all black like shown.

The sexy look has the red lip, the edgy look has the deep purple lip and the fun/flirty look has a light pink. Your lipstick can change your whole persona, which is why we wear makeup isn’t it. To have fun and play this part of someone else! At least that’s what I do, I love playing dress up and especially now that flared skirts are in my life!